Being a researcher helped me travel to places that I never thought I would ever see in life! I had a great time as a postdoc in Trento, Italy, with so many beautiful mountains and lakes around. Some snapshots from the places I have been to..

Snapshot of Istanbul, Turkey, from a hill-top restaurant.

At Lake Garda, near Verona.

Caldonazzo lake near Trento.

At Bali, one of the places I would love to go over and over again!

At Bangkok

One more at Bali!

In Sedona, Arizona, US. Another great place I have been to. It was warm and sunny when we went, and suddenly there was snow! A great sight when the snowfall cleared and the sun showed up again.

In Las Vegas!

At Matera, in southern Italy.

Tiredly trekking in Alto Adige, bordering Austria!